november 16, 2017



information is power and here at robert emerson design we like to keep you supplied with as much information as possible.


materials are something we talk about a lot. 24k wisdom is chalked full of different metals and diamond info. however there are other materials that can be considered. we’re going to focus on one in particular, wood. its renewable, durable and has wonderful texture. for me as a designer wood can offer a softer warmer feeling in contrast to the hard cooler feel of metal. 


but what it really comes down to is options. we want you to know all them. how can you make the perfect ring without knowing all the elements that can go into one? wood is a perfect example of this. most may overlook it, thinking its not strong enough, not durable enough to last a life time. however if the wood is treated well, it can last as long as the ring does. the best part is wood can be cut and shaped in hundreds of different shapes and sizes, can be used as inlays and interiors, as accents or the main element. its comes in different texture with grain patterns that are varied and unique. the natural color range is vast and can be augmented by stain opening up a myriad of colors. aside from the precious metals i love (white gold will always be my favorite, sorry platinum), wood would have to be my second favorite. in all its a great partner in wedding bands or engagement rings.


your ring should reflect your unique personality. we are here to offer all the possible elements to make  that a reality. perfection has no substitute.




by michael biden for robert emerson design.