launch day is finally here!


as they say, third time's the charm! i can't tell you how much that statement has been flopping around in my head, ever since i decided to redo the site for a third time. but it's true! the first site was more an expression of what i thought of the brand, with the second being a dabbling in trying to understand what a customer might want to see, but still sticking to what i wanted the site to be; which in reflection was not really a change at all. finally we get the present site, and let me tell you it was a labor of love, blood, sweat and tears. (more tears then i care to admit!)


so here we are, new site, new logo, new blog, endless opportunities in front. i'm excited to see what the future can hold, i mean three sites later and it feels like we've finally arrived! i do want to take this time to thank all my friends and family, who have supported me through all the crazy moments, who read through copy over and over again to make sure i don't sound like a fool, truly thank you!


i created robert emerson design because i wanted people to have jewelry that spoke to them, that went beyond a ring or a necklace, to something that embodied their life, their relationship, their story of love. i'm reminded daily of the power of family and stories of love, how they have shaped my life, how i’m emboldened by what love can transform, and what it can inspire.


here's to taking the next step!


-by michael biden for robert emerson design​

june 13, 2017