kathleen: kathleen biden


mike: mike biden




kathleen: in 1976.


mike: i think after christmas break, in the spring.




kathleen: mike was in high school helping at his uncle’s bar, doing dish. his uncle, the owner of the bar, introduced us. he said, "i want you to meet my nephew". 


mike: i think i said hello.


kathleen: i went back to the dorms (that night) and said, "too bad that kid’s so young; that’s the kind of guy you could marry."


mike: i must have been schmoozing.


kathleen: i didn't see him again till i moved back from Florida in 1978. then he was working in the bar.


mike: by then i was bartender.




mike: well, we went to dinner at a little supper club called McManns supper club. you had to have a jacket there.


kathleen: it was quite fancy.


mike: so we had dinner. it wasn't until after dinner at the dessert course that i got up the nerve to ask her. i don't remember if i got on one knee.


kathleen: no you didn’t. i don't remember what he asked me exactly but i remember saying, ask me again in 2 weeks. but i did put the ring right on.




kathleen: it was one month after we started dating that he told me he loved me.


mike: it took me a month, it just took her long to come around.


kathleen: you have to understand i had two guys ask me to marry them; i wasn't quite ready to hear ‘i love you’ that quickly. plus he was only 19.


mike: what did i know.


kathleen: i figured i just knew from the first time i meet him.




kathleen: we have been together 39 years. we have been married for 35 years.




mike: kathleen went with me. she suggested it.


kathleen: no i think you wanted to go ring shopping with me.


mike: you're right. it was a stone whole seller in the ellicott square building (buffalo ny).




kathleen: i picked it because it was different from any ring i had ever seen.


mike: it was unique.


kathleen: that’s right, unique.




kathleen: i don’t know, fun? how would we describe our relationship together?


mike: good companionship; we have fun!


kathleen: we like each other, go figure…still.



kathleen: the going back to the dorms story. "too bad he's so young; that’s the kind of guy you could marry"


mike: well, i did drive all the way out to see her when she first came back (from florida). she was working at a place called cradle beach camp, but i couldn't find the camp. so i ended up calling her.


kathleen: there was no cell phones so he had to call the camp office.


mike: that’s when we arranged to go on our first date.



-by michael biden for robert emerson design​

august 10, 2017


of love​