september 17, 2017



wedding bands. symbol of love and life spent together. and the most under designed ring. it’s time they got some love, some identity, some interest beyond a half round band.


the biggest mistake i see, couples waiting till the last minute to get their wedding bands. think of your wedding bands the same way you would your engagement ring. research designs, visit jewelry stories. even if your planing to create a custom wedding band, you should start by trying on standard designs to get a feel for how the ring will stack with your engagement ring. remember your wedding band does not have to match your engagement ring. it should compliment it, while still being its own beautiful stand alone ring. your style, your identity, your story of love.


mens rings are no different. start with research, jewelry store visit. if you have never worn a ring, keep in mind these 3 things. 1) comfort fit vs. regular. comfort fit as its name implies gives a smoother slight dome to the interior, centralizing the pressure to the center the ring; which for some adds extra comfort when wearing. regular interiors are the most common, the interior is flat and has no raised surface, giving a even pressure to the ring. 2) band width. 5mm is the most common. finger and hand size play a role when picking your width, this is why its so important to try rings on. smaller widths can get lost on a larger finger or hands. 7mm is normally the cut off, as any wider and you will be able to feel the ring when you open and close your hand. 3) detail. details don't have to be flashy. your wedding band will be the most important piece of jewelry you will own. it should be an extension of you, of your relationship. think about adding a detail to the interior of your band or an element from your partners ring. little things, even the ones that are just for you, make the difference.


personal. unique. one-of-a-kind. wedding bands are the next step in your story of love.


by michael biden for robert emerson design.