july 6, 2017


we do

at robert emerson design. we make custom jewelry, lasting moments of love expressed in engagement rings, wedding rings and all our special jewelry. i have been told that it seems like a lot of pressure to create new and unique pieces for each client. while a challenge, it is one i love to tackle through collaboration. the jewelry we create is not about us at robert emerson design. above all else, the designs are about our clients. these creations are steeped in the love and memories of our clients. and we want to keep it that way.


each new piece always starts with a meeting and questions, the get to know you phase. from there we move to inspiration images, what you do, and don't, like.

once we have a firm grasp on your wishes and desires, we set about creating sketches. several rounds of sketches may take place before the perfect design reveals itself. ​

our talented cad artist then transforms our sketches into 3D works of art.​

when the concept fills you with joy and you have approved the design with all your heart, we move onto the casting, setting and polishing phases.​

after the piece is cast, the setters ply their trade. properly setting a stone brings life and character to the creation.​

final steps are polishing and visual inspection. if anything does not meet our standards, it must be fixed. perfection has no substitute.​

the joy an engagement ring or wedding ring or any piece of custom jewelry can bring is limitless. i love watching the moment a client sees the final piece in person. faces light up imagining that special person’s reaction upon seeing the piece and then wearing it. those are the moments that make me happy to be a jeweler. ​


-by michael biden for robert emerson design