july 18, 2017


we are

we care about one thing at robert emerson design, love. love is our creed and foundation. it means dedication and collaboration. its learning and growing. its caring enough to never push but to let go.


at robert emerson design we know the right engagement ring, wedding band or special occasion piece may not come from us. thats ok. your piece of jewelry should be love manifested. we never stand in the way of love. it’s what matters above all.


"i recently went ring shopping with a good friend, and that experience felt forced and rushed. robert emerson design obviously cares about the journey and made it relaxed and enjoyable" jack says. 


"it (a wedding ring) was no longer a project but a personal experience and i was reminded how important this (the ring) was" erica reminisces. 


"when my wife looks at her ring and smiles, i'm just so thankful for robert emerson design and their thoughtful, iterative and patient commitment to the engagement process." jason expresses. 


love is at the center of every great design. it what we think about and strive to achieve. we only want the truest expression of love in jewelry form for our clients, even if it means recommending a different jeweler. thats who we are.



-by michael biden for robert emerson design​