how do i get started making a custom piece with robert emerson design?



to get started, please follow the links to the contact page and fill out the form provided. we answer all requests in the order we receive them, and will make every effort to get back to you lickety-split.



how long does the whole process take?



the design, depending on the type of jewelry and the intricacy of the project, can take 2-4 weeks. as all our jewelry is hand crafted add another 2-6 weeks for delivery of the finished product. 



how does your pricing work?



price is based on the number of hours worked on your special piece and the materials used. having said that, we work closely with you to make sure your piece comes in right on budget.



can you help me pick out a diamond for my ring?



it would be our pleasure! picking out the perfect stone is a big deal. we will make sure that you have all the information to make the best choice possible.



where are your diamonds sourced?



our diamonds are all GIA certified and sourced right here in new york city.



where is the jewelry produced?



each custom piece of jewelry we make is hand crafted from start to finish in new york city.



can i use the metal from a family heirloom to make my ring?



we do not recommend it. casting heirloom metal can lead to porosity (small holes in the casting), making a much weaker and less attractive final piece.



can i use heirloom diamonds or gemstones?



yes, of course!



will anyone else be able to buy my design?



no. each design is made by hand, and no molds are kept to ensure that your piece stays yours.



what is your policy on returns?



since every new piece of jewelry is custom and one of a kind, we do not accept returns. however, we know the importance of having the perfect result and we will work with you to correct the piece at a reduced fee.